Who's WIlliam?

William Stark, native of Grass Valley, California

Resident of Kansai, Japan since 1979

Enjoy English, Sokyoshuppan (1982)
Kid's Talk 1 & 2
Kid's Talk Music Collection
- Kid's Talk Press (1986)

Songwriting, Music, Photography, Graphic Arts,
Film Making, Blues music and history,
Travel and Japanese

Billy 1986 billy_2006billy_01

Nagura Kindergarten,1986

Shukugawa Kindergarten,1996

Chikata Kindergarten, 2006

Mercy centre bangkok

Smiling Hearts Association
for Children

Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Please check them out!!!


Mercy centre bangkok

Mercy Centre

This is an orphanage in Bangkok Thailand which we support with our materials.
Please check this out and the wonderful work they are doing there.


Bali Children's Project

bali Bali project


to sponsor or donate: balichildrensinfo@gmail.com or BCP.Linda@gmail.com